For those clients wanting to win the war for executive talent in the Canadian insurance industry, we provide a full cycle executive search solution tailored to our clients' needs.  The services we provide include  needs assessment, interviewing, summary shortlists, candidate referencing to onboarding and transition counselling. Our process has a track record. It will yield top level executive talent and will provide our clients with an indepth perspective of the competitive landscape and market intelligence. 

Talent Identification / Succession Planning

Note to Candidates

Executive Search

This is a unique, unbundled offering. We provide outsourced talent identification and succession planning. You own the work. The service is scalable. Whether you want RT Partners to source qualified candidates (research), book interviews or be onsite at your location we are able to customize a solution that fits not only your business needs but also your budget. Our activity is reported on an ongoing basis so that you can measure results and success.

You can retain us for any number of steps in the process.

• Perhaps a long list or short list
• Detailed team architecture
• Candidates pre-qualified and interviewed 
• Referencing

We do the research and you own the information. This is a key differentiator of our firm. Our goal is to truly become a partner with our clients - to align talent acquisition with your business strategy.

Making a change in your career is never an easy proposition.  It is not uncommon for the most seasoned executive to struggle with where to start.  Often, you may not even have a current resume.  Most important is that the search is done with the utmost discretion.  We provide a tailored process that is unique to the individual and guidance throughout the process, whether it be an opportunity with a client of our firm, or a search you are commencing on your own. RT Partners provided one-on-one coaching and career guidance.  Our goal is that you have a positive, memorable experience and that you achieve your professional goals.  We have a unique perspective on the industry and years of knowledge that make us a strategic partner for  you as you take the next step in your career.  We'd love to hear from you. Please note that we do not post our positions, reach out to Mark or Margaret to begin your confidential search.